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APOYO is committed to helping Mexicans bootstrap themselves out of poverty, and become financially independent for life.

At Apoyo, we believe that families can have a better quality of life. With certain skills, motivation, and our team’s guidance and support, the cycle of poverty can be interrupted for good.


Apoyo helps people either start their own businesses or strengthen existing ones. Apoyo works primarily in low-income neighborhoods in San Miguel de Allende, and in rural communities in the state of Guanajuato.



Get Involved

If you are interested in volunteering, we could use short term or long term volunteers or even one-day volunteers.

We are looking for computer and English teachers and for people to help assist our teachers in elementary school classrooms and in the new Technical Training Center. We are also looking for graphic designers and writers to help us with our marketing and publicity strategies.

Please contact us if you are interested or check out San Miguel de Allende’s volunteer page for more information on volunteering opportunities. Thank you!

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